The Power of Elections

Just attended an interesting event in NY featuring photojounalists launching an exhibit and auction with elections photos from around the world over the last 40 years. It was fascinating to hear them talk about their experiences getting the photos they donated to the auction.

But more interesting were their comments on the state of professional photojournalism compared with citizen journalism. Unlike their colleagues in print media, they didn’t seem to feel threatened economically by the power of the masses online. They said that the level of access they get with leaders means that they are privvy to places and events that average citizens can’t get.

However they admitted that they won’t be able to be strictly still photojournalists much longer and that editors will increasingly demand video and audio along with the images they shoot. Makes you worry that quality could suffer but after hearing what a hassle it used to be to shoot hour after hour with film it seems like they could probably manage to multi-task!

Meanwhile there is a guy on my train who clearly didn’t buy a ticket and the conductor just had to throw him off!!

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