WE ARE ONE – DC – Amazing concert on the Mall

crowds in front of the washington monumentWe started out biking down close then swarms of people surrounded us, we regretted it, and took forever to backtrack. But we ended up with a sweet spot just below the Washington monument with about 10 screens in view and amazing shots of the crowds.


The highlights:

3:29 —

Obama sings along to “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”

Everyone cheers when “Bye Bye Bush” is thrown in

img_04563:52 —

Oh yeah, Stevie Wonder is rocking it with Shakira and Usher

3:57 —

Samuel L. Jackson speaks. Another reference to Lincoln. Can’t hear too much back here with the common folk. Ahh the price to be paid for breathing room.

4:00 — 

BONOOOOOOOO. My life is complete. “One Love” the crowd goes wild (and I do too). I video “this is the dream of the United States…..this is Israel’s dream, and this is Palestine’s dream too” Everyone goes nuts

4:10 —

Obama speaks for 7 minutes – beautiful and short. We go crazy.



Beyonce closes and gets a standing ovation from the seated folk. The front row includes Obama and family, Bono, Tom Hanks and more. When will you ever see that lineup in one place again?


The experience of a lifetime.

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