The 10 Major Newspapers That Will Either Fold or Go Digital Next

An interesting prediction list of the ten newspapers that are next slated for closure. I’ve noticed a trend appearing: Media folks seem to be advocating for moving away from free content online. This was the thought when the Internet first posed a threat and many papers tried it out but were quickly overcome by all the free content. It will be interesting if that first instinct proves to be the right one.

I stick to my belief that news organizations will have to go back to basics and create very narrow niches that they can charge for — be it community news, in-depth international news, what have you and cater to those who are most interested in that one narrow topic (much like popular blogs). News aggregators are superior to the standard newspaper. They deliver the breaking news much faster and can be customized for any combination of popular topics. The print news orgs that make the money – in my opinion- will be the ones that develop a loyal following on key topics people will pay for. Foreign Affairs has a booming following. So do community rags. Those niche publications will continue to grow as the big papers that try to compete with online news aggregators crash and burn.

That said, I’ll still get the Washington Post delivered to my home until the trucks stop running.

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