Can you have it all?

So I decided to start a new blog. I was at least partially inspired because of the thoughtful Atlantic article by Anne-Marie Slaughter “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All

But the issue isn’t a new one to me.

My family.

In fact, it is something I have been consumed with since my son, Elian, was born in December 2010. I have spent many lunch hours, coffee breaks, playdates and random encounters with fellow moms passionately sharing my frustration with juggling work and mom-hood. But more than just griping, I have been struggling for a thesis.

There is one thing that I feel positive about:

American society does not support healthy work-family balance.

But as European economies crumble around us, I have to wonder what the proper support looks like.

And I face contradictions every day.

I believe that it is impossible to reach the highest rungs of my profession while still maintaining a healthy dedication to my family. But then I see men and women I work with advancing in their careers, while still making it to ballet recitals, anniversary dinners and the gym.

I don’t totally agree with Ms. Slaughter’s article. But there are a few truths that hit home so hard to me that I felt compelled to dedicate a blog to the topic. I hope that I can use this space to explore as many angles of the issue of work-life balance as I can. I want to take a deep look at some of the women who have done this well, and some who haven’t. And I want to understand the role that men should play in this debate.

And I want to find my own work-family balance.

I want to have it all. Because don’t we all deserve it? And more importantly, don’t our kids?

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