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Why do you click “Donate Now”?

ShareTweet It’s been a while since I posted to this blog. If you’ll allow me to make excuses, I do think I have a couple of good ones. I’ve been madly working to finish my master’s degree at Johns Hopkins … Continue reading

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Great video that inspires action: How non-profits can better use this fast-growing medium

ShareTweet Video is one of the fastest-growing attractions on the Web. It brings new viewers to your site and can engage potential donors in new ways. So how can non-profits make the most of this valuable medium? I was really … Continue reading

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First Grade’s Hairy Way to Soak up the Oil Spill

ShareTweet In most cases I try to keep the content on this blog pretty tightly concentrated around my observations on innovative digital media. However, in this case, I’m going to have to go off topic. I think you’ll agree it’s … Continue reading

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Survival Tips: Life without an iPhone

ShareTweet “NOOOO!” I heard myself issue a blood-curdling scream as the realization sunk in: Someone had just stolen my iPhone. The young punk ripped my lifeline out of my hands and ran through the closing metro doors before I could … Continue reading

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The Sugar-Sweet Positivity of Facebook vs. Shock and Awe Hype of the News

ShareTweet There’s a trend for Facebook users to present an almost irritatingly cheery image of life. The standard “news feed” of friends’ activities is littered with news of the latest engagements, babies’ first steps, graduations, etc. Meanwhile, our friends in … Continue reading

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When buzz turns to bucks in a disaster: Hope for Haiti

ShareTweet Buzz often starts with a great story. When Americans heard about the tragic 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, there was a lot of buzz. And one group that did an excellent job of turning that buzz into bucks was … Continue reading

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Why Foursquare is a Bad Idea…and Twitter still reigns

ShareTweet Foursquare is what some in social media circles are calling the Twitter of 2010. It is a social media game that rewards you for logging your location at any point in the day.  Eating a burrito? Tell the world … Continue reading

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Creating a Meaningful Social Media Strategy for EnTeam

ShareTweet I’ve been working hard on coming up with a cohesive social media strategy for EnTeam Organization, a non-profit based in St. Louis, MO. If you want to read the full thing, ping me and I’ll be happy to send … Continue reading

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[Video] Cooperative Learning: What’s Involved?

ShareTweet I found a very simple, but still compelling slideshow/video on the benefits of cooperative learning. What do you think? Is cooperative learning as simple as just working in groups? I would argue that this presentation oversimplifies the process, but … Continue reading

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How dog fights and old couches can define a community

ShareTweet Craigslist and outdoor markets both form communities, but in very different ways. Many would argue that a physical community will always be stronger than a virtual one, but even the biggest fear-mongers for the evils of technology admit to … Continue reading

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