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Why Foursquare is a Bad Idea…and Twitter still reigns

ShareTweet Foursquare is what some in social media circles are calling the Twitter of 2010. It is a social media game that rewards you for logging your location at any point in the day.  Eating a burrito? Tell the world … Continue reading

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[Video] Cooperative Learning: What’s Involved?

ShareTweet I found a very simple, but still compelling slideshow/video on the benefits of cooperative learning. What do you think? Is cooperative learning as simple as just working in groups? I would argue that this presentation oversimplifies the process, but … Continue reading

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Social-ized Media: Why socialism is the wave of the Web

ShareTweet At least once a week I see protesters against universal health care holding huge posters warning of Obama’s socialist agenda (I work right by the White House). Conservative pundits like Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck insult Obama by calling … Continue reading

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What the White House has to say about selling social media

ShareTweet This week I was fortunate enough to ask Macon Phillips, the director of the office of new media at the White House, how he is able to hurdle government bureaucracy and create some of the Web’s most innovative uses … Continue reading

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Here comes everybody, there go the pros: The collective wisdom of the Web.

ShareTweet This week I had the distinct honor to interview longtime investigative journalist Seymour Hersh. His office was a love story to journalism of days past. It was filled with piles of boxes, papers, files, notebooks, awards, and books written by … Continue reading

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the online masses correcting big business?

ShareTweet I am curious about the increasingly familiar crash of big business. Big media are falling to their knees with free advertising on craigslist.com and audience numbers dropping with widespread access to information online. Wall Street seems to be following … Continue reading

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